Beginning our studies

Written by Nicole Wells

After this beautiful but long day of being introduced to our temporary home, our Global Seminar students had the first day of classes on Tuesday. We collectively confessed that in exhaustion we had not finished the homework readings, but agreed that we were excited for how we will grow throughout our two classes. After course introductions and discussions on the unique cultures (within Ecuador, the United States, and China) that shape our differences in development, our group went out for a game of soccer. Onlookers came to watch and laugh with us as we fumbled through this sport that few of us were familiar with, except for our new friend and IES staff member Juan Carlos.

View from the IES Quito Center Classroom

IES, a non-profit Institute for International Education of Students, partnered with UCSD to provide classrooms, educational and travel resources, tour guides, and travel plans for our trip. This organization has over 30 locations worldwide to provide similar programs for other students in the United States. We are grateful for the support and enrichment that the organization’s leaders have given to us. To find out more about IES Abroad and their partner programs, you can check out!

Flori as the MVP Goalkeeper

The day ended with purchasing Ecuadorian cell phones and kind welcomes home from our host families. These families were selectively chosen by IES to give a more thorough experience of everyday life in Quito - from family meals to take the taxi to school. With the support of our host families, each day Quito feels more like home.

Soccer at La Carolina Park


  1. Oh my goodness! This day was definitely unforgettable, mostly because I cannot play soccer at all. But it was nice to see everyone get into the sport!


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